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7 01 2010

So yes, I have been very busy with school the past couple months and lately, I’ve been busy spending time with my family, but now that break is winding down and school is starting up again, I figured I’d at least give something of a personal update for the new year. I’ve still maintained my movie watching habits (well, somewhat at least) so I think it would be pretty much impossible to keep track of everything I’ve watched since October. Instead, here’s a few viewings that stuck out.

Air Mail (John Ford, 1932)

It’s a decent, little action movie. Sort of like a more serious and less fleshed out warm-up for Howard Hawks’ great Only Angels Have Wings. Unfortunately, Ralph Bellamy and company are nowhere near the level of Cary Grant and Jean Arthur. Still, all the performances here are at least “watchable.” It should be said that the screenplay was penned by former Navi aviator Frank Wead, who specialized in ahem, “air-borne” action movies. His most famous contribution to Ford’s catalogue would probably be the screenplay for They Were Expendable, which (from what I’ve seen/heard) meditates on some of the elements touched upon here. It’s definitely worth a viewing, at least for any of us Ford freaks.

The source is a videotaped AMC broadcast from back when they showed interesting stuff. As annoying as the station is now, we have them to thank for saving several lesser known Ford films. Both this and the aforementioned Shamrock Handicap only exist (at the moment) through old AMC broadcasts.

Nitschewo (Stefan Sarazin, 2003)

This was pretty nice, but nothing really earth-shattering. Marie Zielcke is extremely beautiful and talented. It probably helps that she seems to be keen on doing these “fucked up relationships” dramas. I could probably point out how sexy she is and whatnot, but that seems a little short-sighted, especially since the visuals here (in general) are quite excellent. It didn’t really move me in any significant manner and I thought the story was kind of an eyeroll, but it was still a nice, competent picture. Just don’t expect Boy Meets Girl.



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12 01 2010

I’m glad you are back writing. I’ve been following your blog for a while, getting recommendations and reading your interesting perspectives on films I have seen.

12 01 2010
Jake Savage

Thanks for stopping by, unfortunately, I’m not sure how much longer I can keep this up. School just started up again, perhaps the summer will change things?

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