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21 05 2008

hey man, have you seen xiu xiu the sent down girl?

-jesse (my little needle)

21 05 2008
Jake Savage

No…did it come to your attention though Jamie Stewart’s Xiu Xiu? 😉

29 12 2008

hi it’s me shaDow

get on AIM :nervous::nervouse: 😎

seriously, what the fukc are you doing o nthe itnernet these days

5 05 2009
Ila Doyle

Hi Jake

Trying to get in touch with you about an advertising opportunity with How can I reach you?


9 05 2009
Jake Savage

You can email me at

12 07 2009

HI Jake.

How did you see Fu Sheng? I can’t find it anywhere and it would be very great if you could share how to find it…it looks…interesting.


10 07 2019
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