I’m Jake Savage, I like to write about movies. A little history on the blog: I started it in January 2008 as merely a way to keep track of what I’m watching and provide an opportunity to post some cinematic observations. I encourage people to respond to these observations, I will almost always respond back if you do.


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13 03 2008

Hi Jack!
How are you?

My name is Cristiano, 35 years old, from Brasil (São Paulo, SP). My blog is small yet and my english is not very good (i’m studying english a lot, by the way).

I’ve found your blog at the The Life Cinematic and it’s very good! I’m looking for any material about movies (like books, pdf) and I’ll read your entire blog because it’s very very cool. ; )

Well… if you need something from Brazil, you cant count on me! Kisses!

Cristiano : )

7 06 2008

Marvelous site !

19 11 2008

I’m appreciate your blog and your dedication to communicating your knowledge and insights. Many thanks to you, Jack!

13 03 2009

Hi! I`d like to make you my contgratulations for your blog.
I`m impressed also of the fact that you`re a high-school student and you have so wonderful sense of excelent cinema.
Keep going and grewing 🙂

3 04 2009

Hm. Trying to find something in your archives is difficult…

5 04 2009
Jake Savage

I haven’t updated the “archives” in over a year and I don’t plan on doing so anytime soon. I’d recommend just searching for the movie in the search box.

23 06 2009

Please e-mail me when you can, I have a proposal I think you might be interested in.

9 07 2009

thanks for introducing me to morvern callar jake.

yours truly, fritz

21 10 2009

Hope it’s ok but I’ve passed on a blog award to you that you can find out about on my blog at http://filmjournal.net/livius/about/

4 12 2009

A really great site, just discovered it today , keep the good work !

4 07 2020

Happy to find this blog!

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