Le clan des Siciliens (1969)

7 12 2010

Well, this is pretty much what you’d expect from a mainstream French action-crime drama from the late 1960s. This is probably a criticism for many, and maybe it is for me too. Still, I enjoyed the hell out of this for what it was worth. The main selling point is the presence of two of France’s biggest stars of all-time, Jean Gabin and Alain Delon. They’re delightful together, even though they very seldom share space in the same shot here. It’s a nice way to spend two hours, but it is far from being the best work of anyone involved. Another big name here is Ennio Morricone whose score is serviceable, yet still kind of silly at times. (What’s with the “boing” sound effect?) This is pretty much how I’d describe the film as a whole too. It works for what it is, a pretty run of the mil thriller that just happens to have a wonderful cast. It looks sort of nice too, but in a far conventional way.

This review is really just an excuse to post these pictures that I had laying around.